My nature defines me and makes me who I am, who I am?

I am the attractive concentration of beauty, forests, beaches and biodiversity, I am green, I am happiness, I am peace, I am diversity.

I live in the heart of America, guarded by two seas, in me live the warmth and authenticity of my people, people with open arms to welcome those seeking relaxation or adventures. I am unique, happy and caring, I express myself through the diversity of my people, I am the deep green and I’m much more. I am a nation governed in peace with an old and consolidated democracy, I defend the preservation and care of the environment, I am a model to the world. Those who know me are surprised and amazed. I am an eco-tourism dream, I am a tropical paradise and not without merit.

In me you’ll find the perfect balance between amenities and nature, city and jungle, world-class touristic infrastructure and historic and cultural sites. More than 50% of my land area is protected in national parks, biological reserves, wildlife refuges and private preserves.

I’m Costa Rica, I’m Pura Vida ¡I’m unforgettable…!